Akita Orientation 2010

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Akita Orientation 2010 group photo

Akita Orientation for 2010 was held Aug 12 ~ 13 at the Prefectural Education Center in Tenno, slightly north of Akita City.

Akita 101

Life in Akita

Getting to know your block

Travel and transportation

Presented by John Hui and Pat Costello.

Self introductions

Presented by James Jones.

Elementary school activities

Junior high school activities

Presented by Pat Costello.

Michael Culler JHS Activities.

High school activities

Presented by Mark Dawson.

Outside the classroom

Presented by Mark Dawson.


Presented by Anne Smith.

Health, safety, and culture shock

JET contract and insurance

Introduction to Akita-ben

Presented by Pat Costello.

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