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The north block deep in thought

Block meetings are held at various places around the prefecture, unlike other conferences that are held at the Prefectural Education Center. 2011's block meetings took place on several dates. Details were sent by email from the respective block leaders. If you would like copies of presentations and materials that were handed out at the block meetings, please contact your respective block leaders.

North Block

BL: James Jones & Alicia Miller
Date: Tuesday January 11th
Registration: 09:00 - 09:30
Location: Takanosu Community Center 〒018-3312 北秋田市花園町15-1 ☎ 0186-62-1130.

North Chuo Block

BL: Delmer Lopez & Mark Dawson
Date: Friday January 7th
Registration: 09:00-09:30
Location: Itagawa Community Center 〒018-1502 秋田県潟上市飯田川下虻川字八ツ口66 ☎ 018-877-6744.

South Chuo Block

BL:Jon Hui & Paul Yoo
Date: Friday January 7th
Registration: 09:00 - 09:30
Location: Yashima Junior High School 〒015-0404 秋田県由利本荘市矢島町七日町字助の渕1-4 ☎ 0184-56-2062
South Chuo Block Meeting Schedule 2011
The Cultural Activity was kendo. It took place in the Yashima Junior High school gym, courtesy of Yashima kendo club.

South Block

BL:Michael Culler & Patrick Costello
Date: Wednesday January 12th
Registration: 09:00 - 09:30
Location: Yokote Kamakura-kan 〒013-0023 秋田県横手市中央町8−12 横手市ふれあいセンターかまくら館  ☎ 0182-33-7111.

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