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The 2012 Block Meetings were held on Wednesday, January 11th, Thursday, January 12th, and Friday, January 13th. Locations varied by block. For information about your meeting, please contact your block leaders.

Check here for digital copies of your meeting's handouts and presentations.

North Block

2012 North Block Cultural Event; Calligraphy

The North Block meeting took place January 13th 9:30-4:20 at the Torigata Kaikan (大館市立鳥潟会館) in Odate. (info here)
秋田県大館市花岡町根井下156 (map) ☎ 0186-48-2119.



North Chūō

The North Chūō block meeting took place January 12th 9:00-3:50 at the Prefectural Education Center in Katagami.

〒010-0101 秋田県潟上市天王字追分西29-76 (map) ☎ 018-873-7206


South Chūō

The South Chūō block meeting took place January 11th 8:30-3:30 at the Yurihonjo Bunkakaikan (由利本荘文化会館) in Yurihonjō. (Map).


South Block

The South block meeting took place January 12th 9:00-4:00 at Asamai Public Hall (浅舞公民館) in Yokote.

秋田県横手市平鹿町浅舞覚町後140 (map) ☎ 0182-24-1340.



Recontracting video

For those of you who think that once a year is a few times too few to watch the recontracting video, see it here at any time: Re-contracting Decision: A Special Video Presentation.

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