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Every year there is an Intensive Japanese Summer Course for people who want to learn and practice some Japanese during the summer. These course come highly recommended from past participants. First-year JETs with no Japanese can gain a fantastic jump start on the basics through the beginner course, but there three levels of classes depending on your ability. The Intensive Japanese Summer Course is also a great way to meet other ALTs in Akita!

Intensive Japanese Course for the JETs Summer 2019

The annual Japanese intensive course will be held in August. This will be our 18th year and the total number of participants as of 2018 is 361. If you are interested in brushing up your Japanese ability before you start working/go back to work, this course can offer you the opportunity for it. For those of you who have not studied Japanese before coming to Japan, you will gain a lot of practical expressions and learn how to use them through the course.

The following is the basic information of the course. We are looking forward to seeing you and study the language together there in summer.

  1. Date August 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, four days altogether.
  2. Venue [ Akita Prefecture Life Long Learning Centre (Sanno Nakajima machi 1-1, Akita City)
  3. Organized by JET Intensive Japanese Course Head Office
  4. Supported by Akita Prefecture Board of Education and Akita Prefecture
  5. Fee 20,000 yen for the course. The fee does not include other expenses such as meals. If preparing the fee by the course start date is difficult, you can pay by transfer after the course is finished (by August 27th. Notification needed when applying).
  6. Classes Participants will be divided into 3 levels of classes depending on their Japanese abilities.
  7. Supervisor Ritsuko MIYAMOTO Professor, Faculty of International Resource Sciences, Akita University
  8. Instructors
  • Ibuki AIBA Former Visiting International Scholar, Dickinson College
  • Etsuko KONNO Instructor, Akita City Support Program for Japanese Language Tutoring
  • Masahiko SATO Adjunct Lecturer, Akita University Global Center for Higher Education
  1. Application FAX the attached application form by August 12th (Last minute application can be accepted at the venue on the 15th for people who arrive in Akita late). We will send you a map to the venue, schedule, the method of payment, etc.
  2. Contact E-mail: Masahiko SATO at (the 3rd letter is L). Make the subject “Intensive Japanese Course”.

Tentative Schedule


               10:00-12:15 Opening, interview, course guidance, class, etc.
               12:15-13:30 Lunch
               13:30-16:50 Lesson


               9:00-12:15 Lesson
               12:15-13:30 Lunch
               13:30-16:50 Lesson 
               (the course finishes around 16:00 on the last day)

Aim of the Course

  • Level 1 is aimed for people who have not studied Japanese before. Participants will learn such as daily expressions, basic grammar, and Japanese affair.
  • Level 2 is for people who are about to finish / just finished the first half of introductory level Japanese.
  • Level 3 is suitable for who are about to finish / just finished the second half of introductory Japanese.

Some of the contents of Level 2 - 3 will be decided by requests from learners.

Information and Application Form

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