Kawarage Ōyutaki

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Kawarage Ōyutaki

Kawarage Ōyutaki (川原毛大湯滝) is an onsen waterfall located in Takamatsu, Yuzawa.


〒019-0404 秋田県湯沢市高松字湯尻沢 (map)
Coming from Yurihonjō, take route 108 until it meets route 13. Turn left onto route 13. After about 6km, turn right onto R51 (for Oyasukyo). Continue for about 7km and take a right turn to continue R51. After another 5km or so you will start to see the very easy to follow signs.

Access to this area is not possible during the winter. The roads may be closed from the start of November until the end of May.

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