The Tallest Cedar in Japan

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From the Futatsui Town Meet Spot (See Hiking), cross Route 7 onto Route 322 (note: I have no memory of seeing a sign that says Route 322, so you may not notice the sign either, but Route 322 is the road that goes by Ya-Ya/New Bambi (with the bowling pin on the roof). Drive along Route 322, go through the tunnel and continue straight until you see a Sunkus on the right hand side of the road. Take a left at the intersection directly before the Sunkus (this is the intersection between Route 322 and Route 202(to the north)/203 (to the south). Go south for a while. I think you veer left when you come to the fork in the road (the left fork is Route 203, the right fork is Route 294). Keep going until the road ends. This is the trailhead.

There are toilets at the trailhead. The hike rates an Easy. It used to be a loop trail, but the last time I hiked this trail, part of the loop was closed down. Its a beautiful hike through older growth Cedar forest. The has this really nice quiet feeling. If you scramble up the bank above the tallest Cedar in Japan to the ridge, you can look out over emptiness and see Mount Moriyoshi in the distance! This hike is about 4-6 kilometers (I think!).

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