You won't run out of places to camp in the summer. Here are some spots that Akita JET's have found over the years. Some of these places may have out-of-date information, so if you find something new, please update the list!



Place Season Facilities
Hachimantai Aspia Campground


Cost: Adult= 390円; child 200円

RSVP in advance 0186-31-2637

check-in 3:00pm; check-out 12:00pm


4月~10月 map

Tent sites:165 ; 2900円 Cabins: 24; Huts: 12

Canoeing, cycling, pool, Mt.biking

Hachimantai Kiritomeidai

切留平キャンプ場 0186-30-0265

July 1 ~ August 31 Tent sites: 20; 400円Bungalows: 6 ; 1000円
Onumaki Auto Campground

大沼オートキャンプ場 0186-31-2662

June 1 ~October 10 Tent sites: 20; 400円Cabin sites: 40; 4000/円
Lake Towada Campground

十和田湖生出キャンプ場 Cost: 300円/person; 800円/parking Tent site: 200円/site Canoeing, hiking, fishing

April ~ November

4月~11月 Summer: RSVP 2 months in advance

159 Sites: 14; Auto camp: 45; Open/fixed sites: 100

toilet, showers, cooking area, coin laundry

  • Equip. rentals


Place Season Facilities
Forest Campground

市民の森キャンプ場 0186-49-5304 Cost: FREE map

June ~ November Tent sites: 23, garden

Athletic field, hiking, fishing

Oide Campground

出生キャンプ場 map Cost: Adult 200円

April 25 ~ Nov. 5 Tent sites: 200/night

Car parking 800/night 46, Shower room


Place Season Facilities
Takinozawa Campground

滝ノ沢キャンプ場 map Cost: Adult 200円

May ~ mid Nov. Bungalows: 19,

Tent sites 30


Place Season Facilities
Ryugamori Campground

竜ヶ森キャンプ場 商工観光課0186-62-1111

May ~ October Tent sites: 8

Cooking area, Campfire area


Place Season Facilities
Beniyama Cottages

ベニヤマ自然パーク 0186-57-2324  map

April ~ November Cottages: 6、kitchen、campfire, picnic tables、grassy area


Place Season Facilities
Mt. Moriyoshi Campground

森吉山高原キャンプ場 Cost: 1,000/site +tent rental 2,000円 Lodge ロッジ森吉0186-76-2107

May ~ beg of Nov. Cottages: 8

Tent sites: 100 Showers, toilets, cooking area

Troll Forest

妖精の森ロッジ森吉 0186-76-2107

April 15 ~ mid. Nov. Cottage 12,600/night

Toilet, mini soccer field, cooking area, tennis

Mt. Moriyoshi Buna campsite

森吉山ブナ帯キャンプ場 Cost:: Adult 400円; child 200円

Mid May ~ October Cabins: 7

Near Ani ski resort


Place Season Facilities
Karaminai Campground

カラミナイキャンプ場 大阿仁支所0186-84-2311

May ~November Tent sites: 10

Cooking area

Guriasu Auto Picnic Park

オートピクニック広場 グリアス田代 Cost: FREE

April ~ October Auto campsites: 20

Near Yuppura onsen!


Place Season Facilities
Goshiki Lake Campground

五色湖の緑地公園キャンプ場 Cost: 500円/site

June ~ October Tent sites: 38

Campfire circles


Place Season Facilities
Hokuo no Mori Campground

北欧の杜オートキャンプ場 Cost: 4,000-5,000円/site Camping Areas

May ~ October Tents: 32

Camping car sites: 4 Trailer house sites: 4


Kamikoani Villgae (上小阿仁村)

Place Season Facilities
Hagigata Campground

萩形キャンプ場 産業課0186-77-2221 Cost: 100 円  map

June ~ October Bungalows: 5 

(4-person= 1500/night) Auto-campsites


Place Season Facilities
Bijamon Ikori Forest

[1] 毘沙門憩の森]

0185-59-2120 map Cost: 600円/tent site

April ~ November Bungalows: 3

Tent sites: 28 Toilet, cooking area


Place Season Facilities
Sun Park Cottage Village

サンパークコテージ村 map

All –year Cottages: 5

4-person=8400円/nt 5-person=10,500円/nt

Hanegawa River Campground

羽根川キャンプ場 map Cost: FREE

May ~ September Tent sites: 20

Campfire, cooking area


Place Season Facilities
Gose no Dai Auto-Campground

御所の台オートキャンプ場 Cost: 1,000円+/site

May ~ October Open sites: 20; 1000円

Auto sites: 3; 2500円Trailer car: 2


Place Season Facilities
Mt. Ishikura Park & Campground

石倉山公園キャンプ場 map Cost: FREE

mid April ~ beg Nov. Tent sites: 30

Bungalows:10; 8400円 Athletic course


Place Season Facilities
Kamaya Hamakaisuiyoku Beach

釜谷浜海水浴場キャンプ場 企画開発課 0185-85-2111

Beg July ~ August Cooking area, toilets


Place Season Facilities
Health Resort & Campground

素波里国民休養地 map Cost: 600円/tent site

End of April ~ Nov. Carry-in tent sites: 55

Fixed tent: 35 Toilets, athletic field, showers, cooking area

Akita City (秋田市)

Place Season Facilities
Mt. Taihei Resort Park

太平山リゾート公園 ピクニックの森 (30min from Akita JR station) From Akita Chuo IC take Rt #62, then turn onto Rt 28 toward Kisoishi map

April ~ November Tent sites: 25;FREE

Bungalows: 4; 510円

Auto- sites: 23;4120円

Tables, showers, WC, Mt. Biking, tennis

Rent: fishing gear

Prefecture Central Park Center


Cost: Adult 200円; child 100円

April ~ November rentals: 1000/hr

Directions: From Akita South IC, drive 7km toward Akita Airport.

Oga City (男鹿市)

Place Season Facilities
Oga Namahage Campground

男鹿オートキャンプ場 (なまはげオートキャンプ場) Cost: Adult 400円; Child 200円+ site fee

April ~ beg Nov. Auto sites: 70; 4,000円

Trailer car sites: 5 Open-sites=50 Cottages: 6; 12,000円 Sanitary house: 3


Place Season Facilities
Ntl flower garden campground



April ~ November Open space

Walking trails


Place Season Facilities
Kanpo Cottages

かんぽの里コテージ 0185-47-2926

All-year Cottages: 11

4-person=10,000/night 6-person=15,000/night

Miyazawa Beach, Auto camp


0185-22-8222  Cost: Adult 400円; Child 200円


April ~ October Auto campsites: 73

Camping car sites: 5 Free sites: 30 Open space sites: 20



Place Season Facilities
Family Campground

ファミリーキャンプ場 Cost: 200円/person 018-886-8118

April ~ November Tent sites: 100

Camp center, fire circles

Sambōen Park



Cost: 525円/ site; 2000円/bungalow

April ~ November Tent sites: 30

Bungalow: 1 Athletic field, golf area


Place Season Facilities
Marina Auto Campground

本荘マリーナオートキャンプ場 Cost: 3000円/site

April ~ October Tent sites: 50

Cooking area, toilets, showers


Place Season Facilities
Nikaho Kougen Campground

仁賀保高原キャンプ場 map Cost: Adult 400円; Child 200円

End April ~ beg Nov. Tent sites: 12

Open space sites: 100 Showers, toilet, golf area, cycling course

Kisakata Beach Campground

象潟海水浴場キャンプ場 0184-43-6608 Cost: Free – 900円/site 7 minutes from Kisakata station map

July ~ August Tent sites: 106

Shower, toilets, cooking area


Place Season Facilities
Nakajimadai Recreation Forest

中島台レクレーションの森 0184-43-7504 Cost: Adult 200円; Child 130円 (18 min from Kisakata JR station)

May ~ October Tent sites: 200

520/tent rental Cooking area

Misaki Park Campground

三崎公園キャンプ場  0184-46-2826 Cost: 310円

April ~ November Tent sites: 20

Toilet, showers, cooking

Kuriyama Park Campground

栗山池公園キャンプ場 0184-44-2611 Cost: 310円/site

April ~ October Tent sites: 40

Toilets, golf course

Akita Mitsubishi Campground

秋田三菱オートキャンプ場 018-863-1711 Cost: 310円/site

April ~ October Tent sites: 100

3000円/auto car sites Toilet, cooking area


Place Season Facilities
Haraikawa Campground

祓川キャンプ場 0184-55-4953 Cost: FREE climb Mt. Chokai route from camp

June ~ September Tent sites: 20

Toilet, cooking area

Chokai Kougen Hanadate

花立キャンプ場0184-55-4953 Cost: 250円/person; 1050円/site

May ~ October Tent sites: 60, showers, toilet, cooking area
Chokai Kougen Hanadate Village

花立コテージ 0184-55-4953

End Apr ~ beg Nov. Cottages: 10; 10,500円

Bungalows:4 ; 7350円Log house: 6


Place Season Facilities
S. Yuri Youth Adventure Village

南由利原高原青少年旅行村 Cost: Adult 210円; Child 110円

April ~ November Camp sites: 10; 530円Bungalow: 11; 3600円

Cabins: 12 ; 7150円+ Tennis courts 10k cycling course!

Yuri Kougen Auto Campground

由利高原オートキャンプ場0184-37-2833 Cost: 950円/person

April ~ November Auto campsites: 45


Place Season Facilities
Bokai no Oka Campground

望海の丘キャンプ場  Cost: FREE

April ~ November 100 tent sites、walking trails, toilet, cooking area


Place Season Facilities
Hottai Park Campground

法体園地キャンプ場 Cost: FREE

May ~ beg. Nov. Tent sites: 100

Lodge: 1 Toilets, rest house Store, cooking area

Taihei Campground

太平キャンプ場 Cost: FREE

May ~ beg. Nov. 50-70 sites

Toilets, cooking area

Oshimizu Campground

大清水キャンプ場 0184-57-2202 Cost: FREE

mid-June ~ October Hut (small): 2

Tent sites: 50

Higashi Yuri(東由利町)

Place Season Facilities
Yashioi Koi Forest photos

八塩いこいの森 0184-69-2113 Entry fee: 300円

April ~ beg. Nov. Auto-camp sites: 30

Tent sites: 60 Toilet, showers, BBQ, pedal boats


Place Season Facilities
Family Land

ファミリーランド 0184-67-2313 Cost: FREE (go-car rides = 100円!)

April ~ October Lodge: 7; 7000円

Tent sites: 30 Athletic field, toilets



Place Season Facilities
Omagari Family Campground

大曲ファミリーキャンプ場 Cost: 2000円/site

June ~ September Tent sites: 20


Place Season Facilities
Attaka Mountain Campground

あったか山キャンプ場 map Cost: 1000円 (+ has onsen!)

April ~ November Tent sites: 12

Cottages: 10, Bungalows: 3


Place Season Facilities
Kyuka Village Nyuto Campground

休暇村乳頭キャンプ場 Check-in/out: 13:00pm-11:00am

July ~ August Tent sites: 90; 1500円

Auto sites: 14; 4400円

Tazawako Campground

田沢湖キャンプ場 Entry: 300円/person

May ~ October Tent sites: 80

Cabin: 10;  2060円+ Toilet, cooking area

Tazawako Auto Campground

田沢湖オートキャンプ場 Cost: Adult 400円; Child 200円

End of April ~ Nov. Tent sites: 15; 4000円Auto camp sites: 47

Trailer car sites: 5

Tazawako Hachimantai Kougen

休暇村田沢湖高原乳頭キャンプ場 Cost: 400円/person; 1000円/site Check-in/out: 13:00pm ~ 11:00am

July 1~ beg. October 125 sites; toilets, showers, cooking area

swimming, fishing, tennis, near onsen!


Place Season Facilities
Heso “Belly Button” Park

へそ公園 018-883-2624

April ~ November 315円/ tent rental

Toilets, BBQ area, 107m roller slide!


Place Season Facilities
Mahoroba Mischievous Forest

“まほろば「わんぱくの森」018-892-2100 Entry fee: 500円/person Tent site: 2000円;Tree house: 4000円

End of April ~ Oct. Tent sites: 10

Tree house: 20 Grass ski slope, Toilet, shower, cooking area

Natural Park Auto Campground

ナチュラルパークオートキャンプ場 Cost: 2000円/site 018-894-2255

May ~ October Auto camp sites: 14

Toilet, shower, electricity, cooking area

Nangai (南外)

Place Season Facilities
Ohata Campground

大畑キャンプ場 map Cost: FREE ; Tent rental 500円

May ~ October Tent sites: 30

Cooking area

Nishigi Village (西木村)

Place Season Facilities
Katamae Mountain Forest Park


0187-47-2007 tent site: 1000円 ; bungalow: 3000円

May ~ mid. October Bungalows: 3,

Cottages: 6, Athletic field, toilets, cooking area


Place Season Facilities
Oita Forest


0187-89-1788 Cost: FREE

May ~ October Tent sites: 10, tents for loan: 10 , athletic field

Toilet, cooking area


Place Season Facilities

Cost: FREE

April ~ October Tent sites: 30

Sennan Village (仙南村)

Place Season Facilities
Wild Goose Forest

雁の里ふれあいの森 0187-83-2910 Cost: 1000円/site;  2100円/bungalow

mid-May ~ October Camp sites: 5

Bungalows: 5 toilet, onsen!



Place Season Facilities
Junsai Campground

じゅんさい沼キャンプ場 0183-79-2887 Entry fee: 420円/person map

May ~ October Tent sites: 16,

Cottage: 5 showers, toilet, cooking area

Citizen Forest Campground

市民の森キャンプ場 Cost: FREE

May ~ mid. Nov. Tent sites: 21


Place Season Facilities
天下森ふれあい農園キャンプ場 May ~ October Tent sites: 12


Place Season Facilities
Higashiyama Forest Park

東山森林公園 0183-52-4127 Cost: FREE; tent rental 530円

May ~ mid. Nov. Tent sites: 50

Cottage=12000円/night wild grass garden athletic field、showers

Lake Sugawa Campground

須川湖キャンプ場 Entry fee: 420円/person 0182-24-0044

June ~ October Boats, cycling course, onsen (hot springs)

5&10 person- tent rentals

Higashi Naruse Village (東成瀬村)

Place Season Facilities
Oyanagi Numa Nature Park

大柳沼自然公園キャンプ場 Entry fee:420円/person 0182-47-5812 map

May ~ October Boats, athletic field

6 & 14 ppl-Tent rentals Toilets, cooking area

Poyoyon Forest Campground

ぽよよんの森オートキャンプ Entry fee: Adult 500円;  Child 250円 Sites= 100㎡ each

April 25 ~ Nov. 5 Auto camping: 45

2000円/site incl tables Fishing, swim, rentals Toilet, shower, BBQ

Minase Village (皆瀬村)

Place Season Facilities
Kijiyama Campground

木地山キャンプ場 0183-47-5522 Entry fee: 820円/person

May ~ beg. Nov. Tent sites: 7

Bungalows: 5 Outdoor onsen-FREE

Koyasu Tokoton Mountain

子安峡とことん山   Entry fee: 420円/person (5 & 10 person) tent rental available

All-year Tent sites: 20,

Open sites: 100 Cottages: 5, Bungalows: 3; 13,260円 shower, coin laundry outside onsen pool!

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