Doctors and dentists

When looking for Doctors/Dentists, it is always best to consult with someone who is knowledgeable about hospitals/Dental clinics in your area. Just because a hospital claims to have English-speaking staff does not necessarily mean they can provide the best care. Feel free to ask your Senpais for information about local hospitals. If your situation requires confidentiality, feel free to contact one of the PAs for more information.

Remember to take your insurance card with you for all visits. National health insurance will cover 70 percent of all treatment and the remaining 30 percent will come out of pocket. Be sure to save receipts for treatment for injuries sustained outside of work as you may be able to make a claim under your JET accident insurance. Check your JET insurance policy book for details.


Please refer to the "General Information Handbook" provided by JET. It can be seen as a PDF here. Vaccines in Japan can be expensive. So, before you leave home, get childhood vaccinations updated and get other shots recommended for travelling in case you want to go abroad during the holidays.

Medications in Japan tend to be weaker then those in Western countries. They also provide medication more specific to symptoms instead of a single cause, so you might end up with more prescriptions than you are accustomed.

Please keep in mind that most people write online about their bad experiences with doctors and dentists in Japan, and far fewer people write about their good experiences. Never postpone going to the doctor or dentist if you are in need. If you have concerns please contact a Prefectural Advisor. Their information is provided under PA/Support System.

The Akita International Association Medical Handbook has a comprehensive list of words and phrases you might use when seeking medical attention.


We have dental coverage here and it is inexpensive. A cleaning costs around 3000 yen. A silver crown can cost around 4000 yen. If you have concerns consider taking care of dental issues before coming to Japan. If the language barrier is a consideration, you should have no problem seeking out referals from other ALTs for good English speaking dentists.

  • Cavity: 虫歯(mushiba)
  • Filling: 詰め物 (tsumemono)
  • White Filling/Temporary filling (composite resin): コンポジットレジン(konpojitto rejin)
  • Crown: クラウン (kuraun)
  • Root Canal: 根管 (konkan)
  • Injection: 注射 (chuusha)
  • Needle: 針 (hari)


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