Getting your car crushed


There are two locations that you can bring your car to.

1. The Shell station on the route 7 just a few blocks south from the turn to get to the Education Center. (Map)

2. The other location is closer to Akita City.

〒010-0802 Akita-ken, Akita-shi, Sotoasahikawa, Koyachi−130−1 昭和シェル(株)佐孝石油スーパーセルフサコー

Items Required

  • Car tax receipt
  • Shaken Papers
  • Proof of your registered hanko (inkan shomei)
  • Foreign registration card

The process will only take an hour (though the official papers may take a day or two). If you don't speak Japanese you may need to bring a Japanese speaking friend to help you out but the process seems to be pretty painless as long as you have all the correct documents.

The gas stand will take care of the majority of the paperwork and are really friendly. After filling out and stamping a few documents, you will be given ¥5000.

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