Skills Development Conference 2019

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The 2019 Skills Development Conference (外国語指導助手の指導力等向上研修) will be held on October 25th at the Prefectural Education Center in Tenno. Unlike previous years, SDC has been reduced to just one day of conference.


    9:30 AM - 9:55 AM
  • Dress: Formal Business Attire


The cafeteria at the Education Center will be open for use. For those looking to use the Education Center, please remember to buy your lunch ticket before the conference starts.


Micro Teaching Demonstrations

ALTs will be divided and attending one of three teaching demonstrations given by a team of one JTE and one ALT. ALTs attending will be asked to analyze and discuss the lessons.

Teaching Workshops

These workshops are aimed to provide ALTs and JTEs tips and explanations about their specific level of schooling. ALTs are encouraged to attend a level they teach at, but they are allowed to go where they choose.

“I’m fine, thank you, and you?”: Emotional Labor and Engagement in the Classroom

  • Ethan Ingram

How can you stay genki at school? What do you say to a class that doesn’t want to talk? Are you REALLY feeling fine (thank you, and you)? In this workshop, we will define “emotional labor” and discuss its importance in language education, focusing particularly on the stresses and tense interpersonal situations that can arise in our classrooms. We will then consider personal and communicative strategies for managing this tension and producing an effective work environment–and better team teaching! This workshop is appropriate for all levels of education, and both ALTs and JTEs are encouraged to attend.


Keeping the Conversation Going With Critical Thinking

  • Nina Wine & Mark Wiles

Do more than smalltalk by applying critical thinking skills in everyday high school English lessons. Use debate to not only improve speaking and listening, but to teach students how to critically evaluate information and form logic-based opinions. ALTs and debate coaches Nina Wine and Mark Wiles will explain a step-by-step methodology to encourage discussion and build reasoning abilities that extend far beyond the classroom.


(This version has been edited. The original slides that contained videos of students have been deleted.)

Presentations and the Classroom

  • Aaron Kern

In this presentation, we will discuss power point presentations themselves. We will focus on how they can be done well and poorly, but most importantly what power points teach us about effectively communicating information.


Speech Contest

  • Kei Lam & Irene Cao

To succeed at the annual speech contest, students need to do more than simply memorize their speech. There is more to it than just pronunciation, intonation, and the proper use of the English language. This workshop aims to give you insight into what judges look for as well as tips for writing an effective speech.

Handout Presentation

Student Motivation Methods

  • Anna Sun & Isabelle Teo

This presentation will be a crash course on the mechanics of motivation and how to maximize it in the classroom. We will be exploring concepts such as motivation in the short/long term, intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation, and cultural differences in classroom dynamics. Most importantly, we will go into depth about how certain motivation methods can actually backfire and how to avoid them.

Handout Presentation

Block Presentations

Block Assistants will be hosting winter preparation presentations for first years.

North Block Presentation

Capital Block did not use any handouts or presentations.

South Block Presentation, Winter Calendar Handout, How to Buy Kerosene Handout, How to Fill a Kereosene Heater Handout

Yuri Block Presentation

Team Teaching Case Studies

  • Aaron Kern, Brooke DalGleish, Catherine Johnson, and Kim Bartos

In groups, JTEs and ALTs will read over the following case studies, and then express their opinions and discuss what they think will better the situation. The groups will have 10 minutes to analyze each topic. These topics include situations both inside and outside the classroom. The goal is to have JTEs and ALTs communicate their personal experiences and opinions while working together to arrive at an agreeable solution.

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