Skills Development Conference 2015

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The 2015 Skills Development Conference (外国語指導助手の指導力等向上研修) was held on October 26th-27th at the Prefectural Education Center in Tenno.


  • Check in: 09:30-09:50
  • Dress: Formal Business Attire

What to Bring

For those lucky enough to be staying in the dorms at the Center, there is a bed and a shower provided for you but almost nothing else. You will need to bring:

  • A towel (and a small towel for the onsen) and toiletries;
  • Indoor athletic shoes if you plan on using the gym;
  • Cash. There is no ATM at the Center. The vending machines for meal tickets accept notes of ¥1000.


The cafeteria at the Education Center will serve a different daily special [日替わり丼] each day, for 520yen. On Monday the 26th, Tonkotsu Ramen with mini Chahan, and on Tuesday the 27th Miso Katsudon.

Dinner Party

On the evening of the 26th AAJ will be providing a dinner of Taco Rice (vegetarian options available upon request) with non-alcoholic drinks at the Education Center. The cost is ¥1800, with all funds raised to go to the local Akita non-profit organization あきた冒険遊びfrog(Akita Frog). Please contact AAJ to book in advance at:


Elementary School Activities Dorene Yamaguchi and Connie Look

Having a hard time coming up with new activities for elementary school visits? We will show you some activities that have been successful for us, and then you will get into groups to discuss and create your own fun and unique lessons to use during future elementary school visits.

Junior High School Activities Ali Shirazee and David Wilson
In this interactive workshop we will propose a few fun class activities given the common Junior High School lesson criteria and constraints. We will also discuss how to find or create an appropriate activity that matches specific lesson requirements.

Senior High School Communication Activities Keith Ikoma and Alex Dao
“Hello, everyone! What did you do this weekend?” No response. Students awkwardly look at their feet or textbook. One student starts crying when asked. Communication ability is an important part of language learning and a necessary skill in our daily interactions, but it is often an add-on to the necessary classroom learning. In this workshop, we will tackle how to effectively use communication activities in the classroom. We will also discuss ways to get students involved and motivated - and how we can give them a more varied classroom experience.
Presentation resources.

Adapting Activities: From Special Needs to Higher Level English Chey Parlato and Colin Flinn
Description: This workshop will look at ways in which you can adapt games and activities for varying levels of English abilities. It will focus more on how to create and adapt everyday games/activities for the classroom and also how to adapt these games for special needs students.

Omni-Activities Dorene Yamaguchi
Are you trying to come up with new communicative activities or games for English classes? Do you want to expand your repertoire beyond common activities, like Karuta, BINGO, Keyword Game, or Kriss Kross (PacMan)? Then this may be a workshop for you. What are Omni-Activities?? They are all-encompassing activity ideas that can be used from elementary school and up, no matter the topic being reviewed. I will share some activities that have been most successful for me, and those who attend will work together using various 100 Yen Shop materials to brainstorm and develop new omni-activities to add to your own lesson plan toolbox.

Speech Contest Coaching Brianna Hom
To succeed at the annual speech contest, a student needs to do more than simply memorize their speech. English speeches also require elements such as intonation, pronunciation, projection, and gestures--areas that ALTs or JTEs might not be familiar with teaching. This workshop aims to introduce methods for coaching speech students in these areas as well as advising on student selection, speech content, and team coaching between the JTEs and ALTs.

Phonics: Theory and Practical Application Rachel Youngblood and Jessica Fereri
We’ll explore a brief overview of phonics theory and education. Mainly we’ll discuss the practical application of phonics in the classroom specifically for Japanese learners. This presentation will focus mainly on phonics for Junior High School and (very briefly) Elementary. Although, many of the ideas and activities presented may be adapted for various classes, including High School.

Gaming Game Rules Rules (Why this is a good English Sentence) Max Raskin
This workshop is about my eigo-enshuu class. Throughout the semester I am teaching the students game etiquette, rules and how to explain them, and their final project for the year will be to create their own board or card game. The end goal is simple: students will be able to explain, learn, and play games with any Anglophone. Come to learn how I trick students into learning and using grammar by playing games and having fun!

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