2005 Akita International Sumo Basho

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2005 Akita International Sumo Basho
DateJuly 2
LocationYabase Sports Park
No. Men26
Men's Championship
ChampionCorey Campbell
No. of bouts25

The 1st Akita International Sumo Basho (第一回秋田県国際相撲場所) took place on Saturday, July 2nd 2005 at Yabase Sports Park in Akita City. The event was organised by Everest of Apples.

Gates will open at 12- for betting, drinks, general merriment etc. The opening ceremony will be at 1.00pm- with fighting starting around 1.30pm-ish. Should be done around 4-4.30pm.


1st Round 2nd Round Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
Pavlos Kontou
Eric Kruszewski
Stuart Greig
David Lee
Anton Nessdeden
Roman Abromovich
Kevin McGowan L
Roman Abromovich W
Corey Campbell W
Brian Cooper W
Fionntan Roukema L
Brian Cooper L
Corey Campbell W
Geoff Wyatt L
Corey Campbell W
Corey Campbell W
Fraser Robinson
David Gotts
Paul Johnson
Corey Campbell W
Ian McKintyre
Paul Jolly
Walker Hall
Neil Van Schoor
Aaron Sokoloff
Aaron Sokoloff W
Owen Robinson L
Yasuke Kodama
Tyrell Hibbard
Mike Haley L Third place
Tyrell Hibbard W
Bryan Barber L
Tim Magoffin
Nate Hermens
  • The blank information above has been lost to time. If anyone happens to know any please let us know, contact details.


  • Champion: Corey Campbell (USA; Noshiro 2003-2005, Katagami 2005-2006)


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