2011 Akita International Sumo Basho

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2011 Akita International Sumo Basho
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DateJune 5
LocationAkita Budokan
No. Men18
No. Women10
Men's Championship
ChampionColton Runyan
Runner-upAlex Morse
Fighting SpiritOwen Cunningham
No. of bouts?
Women's Championship
ChampionHannah Leggett
Runner-upAllie Kallman
Fighting SpiritMelody Lynch-Kimmery
No. of bouts?
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The 7th annual Akita International Sumo Basho (第七回秋田県国際相撲場所) took place on June 5th at the Akita Budokan in Akita City.

Training session

A training/information session was held on May 22nd at the Yabase Sports Park in Akita City. This session was to explain the rules, etiquette, and brief history of sumo. There was also instruction and practice on how to nakedly hit people as well. Attendance was not necessary for participation in the tournament — more than anything this was just a chance to have fun and a learn a bit about sumo. See the Facebook page for more info.


  • Date: Sunday, June 5th 2011
  • Place: Akita Budokan, Akita City
  • Price:
    • Rikishi (participants): ¥1,300
    • Spectators: ¥ 1,000
  • Time: 11:00-16:00. The doors open at 11:00. The opening ceremony is set for 12:00. Clean up should end around 16:30. Rikishi should show up no later than 9:30. Upon arrival, volunteers will help us into our mawashis, explain the rules governing the bouts, and give us tips on how to fight.


The Wrestlers for the 2011 Tournament were

Name Country Akita Shikona
Dean Reutzler United States of America Outside (Iwate) 地獄の縫い包み子熊 Jikoku no Nuigurumi Koguma
Travis Emery United States of America Outside (Aomori) 虎美 Torabi
Douglas Heller England Outside (Tokyo) 意義栗鼠 Igirisu
Todd Horner Canada Central 煙突 Entotsu
Owen Cunningham Republic of Ireland Central 相撲猿 SumOweN
Casey Kuester United States of America Central 恥ノ山 Hajinoyama
Steven Wilson United States of America North 粉雪 Konayuki
David Vanslack Canada South 並木澤 Namikizawa
Colton Runyan United States of America North 王詰 Okitsu
Joshua Drewry United States of America Central 西日の子 Nishi no ko
Alex Lozowski United States of America Outside (Aomori) 善一 Zenichi
Sean Corrigan United States of America North 六丸参 Mutsumarusan
Takakshi KUROgawa Japan Outside (Aomori) デス錦 Desu-nishiki
Grant Schechner United States of America North 玉蜀黍山 Tomorokoshiyama
Alex Morse United States of America South 銅の里 Do no sato
Jeff Onizak Canada North 不器用白熊 Bukiyo Shiroguma
Rylan Buchholz United States of America Outside (Iwate) 窮鼠 Kyuso
Keishi Shimoda Japan Outside (Iwate) 花の巻 Hana no maki
Name Country Hometown Akita Shikona
Melody Lynch-Kimery United States of America Central 水割 Mizuwari
Natalie Hadjiloukas United States of America Central 権三先生 Dr. Gonzo
Selina Burton New Zealand North キラキラ KillerKiller
Charlotte Soesanto United States of America North 鹿浪兎 Karouto
Rachelle Hamonic Canada Central 熊乃山 Kuma no yama
Margaret Kocher United States of America Central 大魔血 Omagetsu
Hannah Leggett Republic of Ireland Outside (Aomori) 林檎足十一 Ringo Legs 11
Allie Kallman United States of America Outside (Aomori) 北風からラシャー Kita kaze kara rasha
Melissa Noad Canada North 猿噛傷 Enkamikizu
Deborah Englehardt United States of America Central 龍球ハート Ryukyu haato


2011 Banzuke

The officiating for the 2011 tournament, as well as special prize decisions was overseen by Sumo & Stogies.

  • Head Referee/Head Judge - Bryan Barber
  • Head Referee/Head Judge - Pat Costello
  • Ring-side Judge - Delmer Lopez
  • Ring-side Judge - Jae Grobler

Bout advancement

The men's division (18 rikishi) was split into two groups of four, and two groups of 5 with each rikishi fighting in 3 bouts. From the groups of four 2 rikishi advanced, and from the groups of five 3 rikishi advanced. The 10 advancees were split into groups of 5 and had 4 bouts each within those groups. Two rikishi advanced from the quarter finals into the semi-finals which was single elimination. The two winner of the semis advanced to the final bout.

The women's division (10 riki-she) was split into two groups of 5. Each riki-she had 3 bouts within their group, with one memeber of each group having one bout with a member from the other group. The two winners from each group advanced to the semi finals, which were single elimination. The two winners of the semi finals went to the final bout.


Men's Champion: Colton Runyan
Men's Runner-up: Alex Morse
Men's Fighting Spirit Prize: Owen Cunningham

Women's Champion: Hannah Leggett
Women's Runner up: Allie Kallman
Women's Fighting Spirit Prize: Melody Lynch-Kimmery

Post-event Report and Profits

For our 7th annual tournament, we had about 90 attendees, including rikishi, spectators, and volunteers. This event raised 91,375 yen. 40,000 yen was donated to volunteerAKITA's Fruit Tree Project, 30,000 yen was donated to Smile Kid's Tokoku Kids Project, and 21,375 yen was retained for community projects (funding this wiki and the '11/'12 Hanabi: Akita's Quarterly Magazine).

For a more detailed report including expenses, please email roomtoread.akitajet@gmail.com.


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