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One of the greatest advantages of the JET program over other teaching English in Japan schemes is the extensive support network available to you. Taking advantage of these resources during difficult times on JET (we all have them) is sure to make your experience in Japan better.

Emergency numbers

Three sets of numbers you should immediately put into memory

  • Police - 110
  • Fire - 119
  • Ambulance - 119

Also don't be afraid to ask for help! There are people out there who are waiting to help you if you encounter various kinds of problems during your time in Japan:

Counseling and Support Hotlines

  • Akita Prefectural Advisor: Available anytime for support and consultation, but work hours are preferred. PAs are no longer able to provide counselling.
  • AJET Peer Support Group: Every night (8pm-7am) Toll Free: 050-5534-5566 or SKYPE @ AJETPSG
  • ALT Advisor (educational matters - Tokyo): Every week Tuesday (2pm to 5pm) English and Japanese: 03-6734-3787
  • Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) Tokyo: Everyday 9am -11pm - 03-5774-0992. Counselling services by appointment, 03-4550-1191. website
  • Japan Helpline: Every day (24 hours) Toll Free: 0120-46-1997
  • Women's Hotline (counselling - legal and psychological support) Yokohama: English and Chinese: (04) 4271-0091
  • International Friend (Gay Support) Tokyo: (03) 5693-4569
  • International Lesbian Community Tokyo: Mon-Fri (9am-10pm): (03) 3410-7184
  • Akita International Association (AIA)Consultation for Foreign Nationals: 018-864-1183 Available in English, Chinese, & Japanese every Thursday for questions or concerns regarding resident status, Japanese Classes, or other questions you may have but don't know who to ask.
  • JET Online Counseling System

Medical and Emergency Hotlines

  • AIDS Hotline: Every day (24 hours) Toll Free: 0120-46-1995
  • Japan HIV Centre English HIV/AIDS Hotline Tokyo: Saturday (11am-2pm): (03) 5259-0256
  • Rape Crisis Centre Tokyo: 0334-91-6284
  • Emergency Interpretation Service (for Medical Institutions) Tokyo: Mon-Fri (5pm-10pm): (03) 5285-8185
  • AMDA: International Medical Information Center (Kanto) Tokyo: Mon-Fri (9am-5pm) Saturday (10am-1pm) English, Spanish, Korean and Chinese: (03) 5285-8088
  • AMDA: International Medical Information Center (Kansai) Osaka: Mon-Fri (10am-5pm) English (Chinese Spanish and Portuguese - call for availability): (06) 6636-2333
  • Consultation Service for Criminal Incidents Involving Foreigners: Weekdays (9am-5pm) English, Japanese (& other languages): 0592-23-2030

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