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IMPORTANT: If you believe that you may have contracted COVID-19 and your symptoms are not immediately life-threatening, do not visit a clinic or hospital. Instead consult with a COVID-19 Consultation Center and follow their instructions.


Akita Rōsai Hospital (秋田労災病院; Akita Rōsai Byōin)

  • Address: 〒018-5604秋田県大館市軽井沢字下岱30
  • City: Odate
  • Phone: 0186-52-3131
  • Located on the 103 between Odate and Kazuno. The preeminent hospital in North Block for orthopedics, sports medicine, on-the-job injuries, etc. It can be a bit of a drive to get to, but this is the place to go for orthopedic care.


Some of these clinics include other types of treatment. However, they are listed under clinic recommendations since they have been recommended for their general clinics and not specialty areas.

Ueda Clinic (うえだクリニック; Ueda Kurinikku)

  • Website: Homepage Website w/ hours
  • Address: 〒018-3331 秋田県北秋田市鷹巣字北中家下81-
  • City: Kitaakita
  • Phone: 0186-60-1055
  • Located about 5 min from West Takanosu Station, across the street from Maruhon and Family Mart. His English is quite good, and he is very proactive in explaining your condition/treatment to you. He is also patient and willing to answer any questions you may have. He specializes in gastroenterology, but he will see you for just about anything (his general-practice knowledge is very good). If he can't fix you, he'll refer you to somewhere that can. Top recommended clinic in Takanosu.


Ikegami Ladies Clinic (いけがみレディースクリニック; Ikegami Redīsu Kurinikku)

  • Address: 〒018-5201秋田県鹿角市花輪合ノ野245-7
  • City: Kazuno
  • Phone: 0186-30-0111
  • Gynecologist. Taken from the Akita Orientation Handbook recommendations. Note that Dr. Ikegami is male.

Monda Osteopathic Clinic (門田整骨院; Monda Seikotsuin)

  • Address: 〒018-3201 秋田県山本郡藤里町藤琴字家の後113
  • City: Fujisato
  • Phone: 0185-79-1118
  • Recommended if you are local. Dr. Monda can speak a bit of English, but remember that he runs an osteopathic clinic so what he can diagnose and treat is limited. He also does not have any heavy duty machines (x-rays, MRI, etc.) so if you need those, then you will need to go to another clinic. Does PT.

Morita Urology Clinic (森田泌尿器科; Morita Hinyōkika)

  • Website: Homepage
  • Address: 〒017-0814 秋田県大館市赤館町9番45号
  • City: Odate
  • Phone: 0186-45-1570

Watanabe Orthopedic Clinic (わたなべ整形外科; Watanabe Seikei Geka)

  • Website: Website w/ hours
  • Address: 秋田県能代市落合中前田207
  • City: Noshiro
  • Phone: 0185-52-8881
  • No particular opinion about the doctor. Visited for MRI, bloodwork, and x-rays.

Kobayashi Optometry Clinic (小林眼科医院; Kobayashi Ganka Iin).

  • Websites: Homepage Location
  • Address: 〒018-3312 秋田県北秋田市花園町7−12
  • City: Kitaakita
  • Phone: 0186-62-2544
  • Optometrist in Takanosu. He offers Lasik eye surgery.


Kagaya Dental Clinic (加賀谷歯科医院; Kagaya Shika Iin)

  • Website: Location
  • Address: 〒018-3312 秋田県北秋田市花園町4-26-1
  • City: Kitaakita
  • Phone: 0186-63-2772
  • Good dentist in Takanosu, but very popular, so make sure you get a reservation early. Doesn't speak that much English, unfortunately, but ALTs in the past have been able to wing it with small amounts of Japanese. (Improperly labeled "Kagatani" on Google)

Neda Dental Clinic (根田歯科医院)

  • Website:
  • Location
  • Address: 〒017-0846 秋田県大館市常盤木町3−14
  • City: Ōdate
  • Phone: 0186-42-1733
  • Skillful dentist in Ōdate. ALTs usually go here to get their teeth cleaned or have their wisdom teeth removed. He speaks little English but very friendly. The staff is very accommodating, too.

Not Recommended

Kaneda Clinic (金田医院; Kaneda Iin)

  • Address: 〒018-3155 秋田県能代市二ツ井町比井野94
  • City: Noshiro
  • Phone: 0185-73-2511
  • Not recommended. This was the first one I went to and I had an x-ray there. The diagnosis was that nothing was wrong, and I was given some (very weak) painkillers. After chatting with my friends in town, everyone said to not go to that clinic as they usually get the diagnosis wrong. So I say stay away. The doctor also doesn't speak any English.

Minami Dentistry (みなみ歯科; Minami Shika)

  • Address: 〒016-0171,秋田県能代市河戸川字大須賀52−3
  • City: Noshiro
  • Phone: 0185-52-8117
  • Not recommended. This dentist speaks English but has made rude and xenophobic remarks to ALTs in the past.

Tamura Clinic (田村内科クリニック; Tamura Naika Kurinikku)

  • Address: 秋田県北秋田市栄中綱116-1
  • City: Kitaakita
  • Phone: 0186-63-2700
  • Not recommended. The doctor is old and doesn't seem capable of diagnosing properly. I've only ever seem him shrug and prescribe antibiotics and house rest (on repeated visits, after each consecutive house rest proved ineffective). He's a fine doctor for the elderly who are only looking to have their pain eased; not for JETs who are actually interested in being cured.

Mohri Orthopedic Clinic (毛利整形外科クリニック; Mōri Seikei Geka Kurinikku)

  • Address: 〒018-3322秋田県北秋田市住吉町1-3
  • City: Kitaakita
  • Phone: 0186-69-5300
  • If all you need is shippu (medicated patches) for your muscle pain, Mohri is a fantastic clinic to go to.

Mita Clinic (医療法人 三田医院; Iryou Hōjin Mita Iin)

  • Address: 秋田県能代市自機織轌の目72-29
  • City: Noshiro
  • Phone: 0185-58-2066
  • Not recommended. Doctor spoke English and was very dismissive. The staff did not speak English and laughed at ALT. Staff did not give change back for payment and shooed ALT out the door to nearby pharmacy where no instructions on how to medicine was given, despite requests.
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