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This is a list of some English speaking doctors for women in Akita. They are grouped on this page by block and further by municipality.

North Block


  • Fukunaga Iin (福永医院)
    Internal medicine, pediatrics
    Office: 0186-35-5556, Thurs: 0186-35-3117, Home: 0186-35-4522 (before 8:00am, after 7:00pm)
  • Ikegami Ladies Clinic (いけがみレディースクリニック; Ikegami Redīsu Kurinikku)
    Address: 〒018-5201秋田県鹿角市花輪合ノ野245-7
    City: Kazuno
    Phone: 0186-30-0111
    Gynecologist. Taken from the Akita Orientation Handbook recommendations. Note that Dr. Ikegami is male.

Capital Block

Akita City

  • みゆきレディースクリニック Miyuki Ladies Clinic
    Website w/ hours
    Address: 〒010-0001 秋田県秋田市中通2丁目1-35 (Akita City) (Location)
    Phone: 018-884-7088
    Hours: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm, 2:20 pm – 5:30 pm, Sat: 9:00 am – 1:30 pm Closed: Tues, Sun, Holidays
    Speaks good English. Internal medicine, gynecology. No appointment necessary; walk in only. Read the Review by an ALT.
  • 藤森レディースクリニック Fujimori Lady's Clinic
    Address: 〒010-8506 秋田市東通仲町4-1アルヴェ4F - ALVE (at Akita Station), 4F (Akita City)
    Phone: 018-844-3939
    Taken from Akita Orientation Handbook. Doctor speaks English. Try to make appointments in advance.
  • かおりレディースクリニック Kaori Ladies Clinic
    Website w/ hours
    Address: 〒010-0971 秋田県秋田市八橋三和町5-2 (Akita City)
    Phone: 018-866-8352
    Walk-ins only. Great gynecologist; takes the time to explain things, and the clinic uses new technology. Not sure about English level, but will patiently speak to you in simple Japanese.
  • 清水産婦人科クリニック Shimizu OB-GYN Clinic
    Website w/ hours
    Address: 〒010-0041 秋田県秋田市広面糠塚116−1 (Akita City)
    Phone: 018-893-5655
    Dr. Shimizu speaks a little bit of English, but some Japanese will help. Warm and supportive staff, also highly recommended for fertility treatments.

Yuri Block


  • 佐々木産婦人科医院 Sasaki Gynecology
    Website w/hours
    Address: 秋田県由利本荘市給人町37-1
    Phone: 0184-22-2358
    Not much English, but they have late hours.

South Block


  • いそべレディースクリニック Isobe Ladies Clinic
    Address: Jouri Ichoume 1-21, Yokote City
    Phone: 0182-35-5777
    Taken from Akita Orientation Handbook. They take walk-ins, and the doctor speaks a little English.


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