New Horizon 2

This page is for the New Horizons English Course 2, 2012 edition.

Unit 1 - Dogs with Jobs

Starting Out

  • Jenny is a guide dog now.
  • Jenny was a guide dog two years ago.
  • Was Jenny a guide dog two years ago? ---> Yes, she was. / No, she was not.


  • I am reading a book now.
  • I was reading a book then.

Reading for Communication

  • You are happy.
  • You look happy.

Listening Plus 1

Writing Plus 1

Unit 2 - A Trip to New Zealand

Starting Out

  • I am going to visit Yakushima tomorrow.
  • Are you going to visit Yakushima tomorrow? ---> Yes, I am. / No, I am not.


  • Show me your passport, please.

Reading for Communication

  • People call it Mt. Taranaki.

Listening Plus 2

Speaking Plus 1

  • May I use your pen?
  • Could you read this letter for me?

Unit 3 - My Future Job

Starting Out

  • I joined the English club to speak English a lot.


  • I want to use English in my future job.

Reading for Communication

  • I have many things to learn.

Listening Plus 3

Writing Plus 2

Multi Plus 1

Let's Read 1

Songs in English

Unit 4 - Homestay in the United States

Starting Out

  • I have to speak English here.
  • I do not have to speak English here.


  • I will show you some pictures tomorrow.

Reading for Communication

  • You must help your mother.
  • You must not eat too much.

Listening Plus 4

Speaking Plus 2

  • May I speak to Becky, please?

Unit 5 - A New Language Service

Starting Out

  • If you are interested, please call us.
    (Please call us if you are interested.)


  • I think (that) I can do something for others.

Reading for Communication

  • We will help you when you have language troubles.
    (When you have language troubles, we will help you.)
  • I am for the service because we can help people.
    (Because we can help people I am for the service.)

Listening Plus 5

Speaking Plus 3

  • Which bus goes to City Hall? ---> Take Bus No. 3.

Unit 6 - The Story of an Old Clock

Starting Out

  • There is' a clock in the lobby.
  • There are two clocks in the lobby.


  • Is there a book about the song? ---> Yes, there is. / No, there is not.

Reading for Communication

  • People enjoyed talking with the brothers.
  • Writing songs is his job.

Listening Plus 6

Multi Plus 2

Let's Read 2

Unit 7 - My Favorite Movie

Starting Out

  • Astro Boy is older than Doraemon.
  • Astro Boy is the oldest of all TV anime series.


  • This movie is more interesting than that one.
  • This movie is the most interesting this year.

Reading for Communication

  • Becky is my best friend.
  • They fly as high as a bird.

Listening Plus 7

Speaking Plus 4

  • Shall I show you a bigger one?

Writing Plus 3

Multi Plus 3

Let's Read 3

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