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Akita is a vast prefecture, and blocks ensure that our JETs are safe and supported. Each block is tasked to put on events to foster a community within their blocks, and also encourage JETs to get to know their peers nearby. These are different than the block meetings. Though events are block-affiliated, all Akita JETs are welcome at any block event.

If you're putting on an informal event and would like it added to the calendar, please contact your Block PA / Assistants.

Upcoming Events

List of Past Events


Event Name Date Location Block Description
A North Block Christmas Dec 9, 2017 Fujisato Sansedai North We're watching Christmas movies! The movies voted were Home Alone and Die Hard
All Block Train Ride Nov 11, 2017 Takanosu Station North / All Ride a sight seeing train with your fellow JETs! Ride from Takanosu to Kakunodate and back with Karaoke and more!
Let's GAO! Nov 4, 2017 GAO Aquarium Central Let's GAO to GAO Aquarium!
Komu Komu Board Games #2 Oct 14, 2017 Komu Komu Fureai Plaza North A board game meet up! Bring your favorite games and come hang out!
North Block Welcome Party Sep 23, 2017 Goshiki Lodge North A welcome party for all of the new North Block JETs!
Central Block Welcome Party Sep 18, 2017 Round One Central Hey Central Block, let's go bowling!
South Block Welcome Party Sep 16, 2017 Sanboen Park South The south block welcome BBQ
North Block Farewell Party Jul 15, 2017 Goshiki Lodge North A goodbye party for all of the North Block JETs returning home. Located at a beautiful lodge in Odate.
North Block Picnic Jun 24, 2017 Central Takanosu Park North Come hang out in the park!
Komu Komu Board Games #1 May 20, 2017 Komu Komu Fureai Plaza North A board game meet up! Bring your favorite games and come hang out!


Event Name Date Location Block Description
Goodbye Cabin Party Jul 14, 2018 Goshiki Lodge North No one wants to say goodbye, but if we do, might as well make something out of it. A goodbye party at scenic Goshiki lodge! We'll have a BBQ at night, and plenty of beds. Bed price is 2100 yen per person.
Grill and Golf Jun 2, 2018 Hokuonomori Park North Grill and Chill! Come join us for lunch. We will be setting up a grill at 11, and having a BBQ. Bring your own food! Afterwards, we will be enjoying either Park Golf or Disc Golf as a group!
Odate Rail Biking Apr 28, 2018 Odate North Ride a bike attached to a mine cart through nature! Each bike has 3 to 4 seats. Contact quickly if you want a spot!
Pink Flower park fun time Apr 21, 2018 Senshu Park South / All South Block's 'All Prefecture Event'. Hanami party at Senshu park in Akita City.
Komu Komu Board Games #3 Mar 3, 2018 Komu Komu Fureai Plaza North You asked and we listened! More board games to fight off the cold months! 12PM to 8PM
Black Panther Premier Mar 1, 2018 TOHO cinema Akita South Let's watch black panther together
Tis the Ski-son Feb 24, 2018 Jeunesse Ski Slope South Casual Saturday ski day at Jeunesse
Harry Potter Quiz! Jan 28, 2018 大仙市大曲交流センター Omagari Koryu Centre South Come flex your Harry Potter knowledge. Accio Fun! Event runs from 2 - 5. It isn't a walk away from the station in the snowy weather, so rides are being offered to pick up people from the station if needed.


Event Name Date Location Block Description
Komu Komu Board Games #4 Jan 27, 2019 Komu Komu Fureai Plaza North North Block Board Games Meeting, the fourth. 12PM to 6PM

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