Returners Checklist

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  • Starting to work on your resume? Here's a great place to start:
  • Pay your bills. The meters (gas, electricity sometimes water) can be read on your last day with bills paid in cash on the spot. Get your supervisor/office to call the utility company and have them send a man to your apartment.
  • Don't forget NTT (dial 116, they have an English line), but don't disconnect the line unless it's yours to disconnect!
  • Cancel internet connections and return rented equipment.
  • Cancel cell phone.
  • Pay for and cancel or redirect newspaper subscriptions, magazines, satellite TV subscriptions.
  • Pay rent.
  • You can have your mail redirected to any address in Japan for free, for one year. Ask at the Post Office.
  • Before closing your bank account, make sure all bills are paid.
  • Send your possessions well in advance of leaving.
  • Get rid of trash.
  • Leave your successor detailed notes of the syllabus you used, especially for elementary school. Use this form from CLAIR, it's quite good!
Leaving JET Checklist
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