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School merger history (2024 update)

Elementary Schools (Year Established)
1950s 1960s 1970s 1990s 2000s 2009~13 2014~19 2020s
Takanosu ES
鷹巣小 (2016)
Takanosu ES
Bōzawa ES
西小 (1971)
Nishi ES
鷹巣西小 (2005)
Takanosu Nishi ES
Nanakura ES
Midorigaoka ES
Kurosawa ES
Sakae ES
東小 (1970)
Higashi ES
鷹巣東小 (2005)
Takanosu Higashi ES
Tsuzureko ES
Sawaguchi ES
中央小 (1969)
Chūō ES
鷹巣中央小 (2005)
Takanosu Chūō ES
清鷹小 (2021)
Seiyō ES
Nanokaichi ES
南小 (1969)
Minami ES
鷹巣南小 (2005)
Takanosu Minami ES
鷹巣南小 (2009)
Takanosu Minami ES
Bōyama ES
Ryūshin ES
竜森小 (1967)
Ryūshin ES
Kuzoguro ES
Tenjin ES
二ツ井町へ編入 (1955)
Incorporated into Futatsui Town
二ツ井小へ統合 (2005)
Merged into Futatsui ES (in Futatsui, later Noshiro)
Yonaizawa ES
米内沢小 (2013)
Yonaizawa ES
米内沢小 (2024)
Yonaizawa ES
Urata ES
前田小 (2013)
Maeda ES
Maeda ES
前田小 (1992)
Maeda ES
Yunotai ES
森吉小 (1972)
Moriyoshi ES
Moriyoshi ES
Kamiōno ES
合川東小 (1956)
Aikawa Higashi ES
合川小 (2014)
Aikawa ES
Shimoōno ES
合川北小 (1956)
Aikawa Kita ES
Ochiai ES
合川西小 (1956)
Aikawa Nishi ES
合川小 (2012)
Aikawa ES
Shimokoani ES
合川南小 (1956)
Aikawa Minami ES

ALTs and Their Schools

How about a format like this to improve readability? owencunn (talk) 14:56, 29 July 2020 (JST)

Edgardo Sanchez
Puerto Rico/United States of America
Allison Conner
United States of America
June Kim
United States of America
Dane LaFonte
United States of America
Kelly King
United States of America
Abigail Aldridge
United States of America
Mariah Scholes
United States of America
Ani JHS Hokuyo HS Moriyoshi JHS Takanosu JHS Aikawa JHS
Aniai ES Futatsui HS Yonaizawa ES Takanosu ES Takanosu Minami ES Takanosu Higashi ES Aikawa ES
Ōani ES Maeda ES Takanosu Chūō ES Tsuzureko ES
This might be just a personal opinion, but I actually find the list (as it is currently) easier to read than the table. The list allows the school names to be unabbreviated, which makes it seem less cluttered.
It also allows order by seniority. The Takanosu JHS cell is merged across the three current ALTs who happen to be clumped together in seniority as well, but that won't always be the case. Plus there's already the base school history table right below it; the contrast between the list and table is nice, I thought. I may be in the minority though. --SeanC (talk) 17:25, 29 July 2020 (JST)
Oh ok, yeah maybe it's all down to personal preference. For me, what I find strange is that all the schools are listed under "Schools", and then they are all listed again under "ALTs and Their Schools" which I find makes the list of schools appear long (when scrolling). And that is repeated on the Kitaakita page too. owencunn (talk) 08:31, 30 July 2020 (JST)
Actually, you make a good point about the info being repeated on the main Kitaakita page. When I was paring down the main page, I wasn't sure how much info was too much info to leave. I think I'll go ahead and remove the ALTs section from the Kitaakita page and just leave it here (the whole point of this page was to make the main page shorter, after all).
I suppose the extra lists do make it long. But, the section of former schools is also in list form, so I kind of figured there was no way around length. Plus, there are already quite a few tables on the page - the reason I like this as a list is because it doesn't overwhelm with tables. Although, there may be way to reorder the information on this page so we alternate between lists and tables more frequently? --SeanC (talk) 09:45, 31 July 2020 (JST)
Yeah sorry, my suggestion should have been made on the Kitaakita page. Keeping that data on the Education page makes sense. owencunn (talk) 12:10, 31 July 2020 (JST)