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Kitaakita City
Kitaakita in Akita
Location in Akita
Physical characteristics
Area1,152.57 km²
Population33,399 (as of 2017-02-01)
TreeJapanese Beech (椈)
FlowerHydrangea (紫陽花)
BirdBlack Woodpecker (熊啄木鳥)
City emblem
City Hall
MayorEikou Tsuya (津谷永光)
Address19-1 Hanazono-chō,
Kitaakita, Akita 018-3392
(〒018-3392 秋田県
Telephone☎ 0186-62-1111

Kitaakita (北秋田市; -shi) is Akita Prefecture's second-largest city by area. Clockwise from the north, it shares a border with Odate and Kazuno in the north-east, Semboku in the south-east, Akita City and Kamikoani in the south-west, and Noshiro and Fujisato in the north-west.


Kitaakita is located in the north-central part of Akita prefecture. Kitaakita's area is 1,152.57 km². As of September 1st, 2011 the population is estimated to be 35,903, giving the city a population density of only 31.2 people per km². In Akita prefecture, Kitaakita is second only to Semboku in lowest population density.

The city was formed in March of 2005 with the consolidation of the four former towns, Takanosu Town (鷹巣町; -machi), Moriyoshi Town (森吉町; -machi), Ani Town (阿仁町; -machi), and Aikawa Town (合川町; -machi). Today, the names of the four former towns are frequently used without the -machi (町) suffix to identify the regions of Kitaakita, but are no longer independent towns in the political sense. Despite the recent merge, each of Kitaakita's four towns maintains a local atmosphere as well as their own festivals and charms.


Being located in the very center of northern Akita, Kitaakita serves as a hub for many modes of transportation.


Currently Takanosu serves as the southern terminus of the Akita Expressway (秋田自動車道). This road passes through Odate before reaching the Kosaka Junction (which connects with Hirosaki and Aomori to the north, and Morioka and Sendai to the south). Construction is currently underway to extend the Akita Expressway one junction further to the Odate-Noshiro Airport. This extension is scheduled to open in fall of 2017.

Eventually the expressway will be expanded west to connect with the Akita Expressway in Futatsui to offer service south to Akita City, Yurihonjo, and Yokote.

National Roads
The Route 7 runs east-west through Takanosu, connecting to Odate and Noshiro.
The Route 285 runs east-west through Takanosu and Moriyoshi, connecting to Kazuno and Akita City.
The Route 105 runs south from Takanosu, through Moriyoshi and Ani, connecting to Kakunodate and Daisen.


Buses in and around Kitaakita City are operated by Shuhoku Bus.

Fixed Route Bus
Shuhoku Bus offers several bus routes through Kitaakita City. Thee buses are easily distinguished by their distinctive green color. You can find more information on the Shuhoku Bus website (Japanese). Click 時刻表 (jikokuhyou) for times.

They operate several buses per day on routes with high ridership:

They also operate one bus per day out to remote locations such as Hitachinai and the Moriyoshi Dam.

Express Bus
Shuhoku Bus also operates highway buses from and through Kitaakita. Of course you can find more information on their Highway Bus website (Japanese). These buses require a reservation unless otherwise noted.

  • Jupiter Line
This line connects Noshiro, Takanosu, and Odate with Tokyo. This is an overnight bus. You can pick this bus up from the Itoku Plaza at 9:30pm, arriving at Ikebukuro Station at 7:25am the following morning.
  • Michinoku Line
This line connects Odate, and Kazuno, with Morioka. Shuhoku Bus operates one bus every hour (14 per day) to and from Odate Station (reachable by fixed route bus from Takanosu Station). You don't need a reservation for this line.
  • Odate-Sendai Line
Two buses per day depart Odate Station in the morning for Sendai. It might be difficult to arrive at Odate Station early enough if departing from Takanosu!


Takanosu is home to JR Takanosu station, which is a station on the JR Ou Line with service to Akita City and Hirosaki.

Takanosu is also the northern terminus of the Akita Nairiku Line. The Nairiku Line provides service south from Takanosu through all four of Kitaakita's towns, continuing into Semboku. It's headquarters is located at Aniai Station in Ani. It's southern terminus is Kakunodate, where one can transfer to the Komachi Shinkansen.


Odate-Noshiro Airport, which is located in neither Odate nor Noshiro, can be found in Takanosu. Kitaakita Citizens affectionately call this airport "Akita North Airport." This airport operates two flights each to and from Tokyo Haneda Airport each day. Parking is free.


Kitaakita, being a landlocked municipality, cannot be reached by sea. It does, however, offer the Lake Taihei Ferry in Moriyoshi. It offers service to the other side of the lake, which is also in Moriyoshi.


Click on a town to go to that town's page.

Takanosu (鷹巣)

See: Takanosu

The focal town of the city with the local government offices, most businesses, and the connection train stations linking the Ou Line with the Nairiku Line.

Moriyoshi (森吉)

See: Moriyoshi

The town which bears the name of the local mountain peak. It is separated into two primary areas: Yonaizawa (near Aikawa) and Maeda (near Ani).

Ani (阿仁)

See: Ani

The most mountainous and rugged town in the city. Also the largest in area, yet the least populous. Claims the southern half of Mt. Moriyoshi as well as waterfalls, hiking trails, and bears! It is also the home of Ani Ski Resort, the largest ski resort in Kitaakita. Ani is separated into two primary areas: Aniai in the north, and Ōani in the south.

Aikawa (合川)

See: Aikawa

Smallest in area, yet most densely populated town of the city. Set in southwestern Kitaakita with a public park and loads of rice fields.

Nationally Accredited Sites


This is a list of the various festivals across Kitaakita City. For more detailed information on these festivals, please see the pages for Takanosu, Moriyoshi, Ani, and Aikawa.

Festival Date Area
Ani Frozen Tree Festival (阿仁の樹氷まつり) Mid Jan-mid March Ani
With the winds and the snow build-up throughout the winter, snow is cast and stuck onto the trees, making them into snow monsters.
Kuzoguro Kamakura Fire Festival (葛黒の火まつりかまくら) Mid-February Takanosu
A chestnut tree is chopped down, erected by hand, and set ablaze in a snowy field while surrounded by kamakura in this festival.
Odaiko Festival (神社例大祭) July 14-15 Takanosu
This drum festival is for the praying of abundant rain, good harvest, and no crop-destroying pests.
Aikawa Hydrangea Festival (あじさい祭り) Mid-late July Aikawa
Come view the hydrangeas, the symbol of Aikawa, in full bloom.
Tanabata Fire Festival (たなばた火まつり) August 7 Moriyoshi
Watch traditional dancing and view the spectacle of 1000 fireworks at this festival near Animaeda Station.
Aikawa Matobi and Furusato Festival (合川まとび & ふるさとまつり) August 14 Aikawa
This festival is a Shinto/Bhuddist fire cleansing ritual for the river and the surrounding rice fields.
Ani Fireworks and Lantern Festival (阿仁の花火と灯籠流し) August 16 Ani
Watch the floating of the lanterns before enjoying the fireworks display at Kasen Park.
Foreigner House Festival (異人館フェスティバル) August 16 Ani
This festival is to celebrate the house of German engineers who lived in Aniai during the 19th century.
Kitaakita City Taiko Festival (北秋田市太鼓まつり) September 2 Takanosu
This festival is held just outside the Odaiko Hall in Takanosu.

Things To Do

For shopping and sightseeing and such, see the individual town pages: Takanosu, Moriyoshi, Ani, and Aikawa.
See this database map for a list of restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. in the city compiled by the tourism department of Kitaakita City (Japanese only). You can search by area by clicking on the map, or by establishment type from the list on the left.
Alternatively, Akita Prefecture has also compiled a directory of restaurants in Kitaakita (Japanese only).



Japanese Beech (椈)

The Kitaakita City Tree

English Name: Japanese Beech
Japanese Name: 椈 (ブナ; buna)
Scientific Name: Fagus crenata
Description: This tree can reach heights of 35 meters with a rounded top that thrives in colder climates. You can see them widespread on Mt. Moriyoshi. Its seeds are small and in the shape of a three-pointed star. They are edible if you remove the shell - recommend roasting them first!

Hydrangea (紫陽花)

The Kitaakita City Flower

English Name: Hydrangea
Japanese Name: 紫陽花 (アジサイ; ajisai)
Scientific Name: Hydrangea macrophylla
Description: This blue flower is widely seen in Aikawa. Indeed it was the Aikawa Town Flower before the Kitaakita merger. The most impressive view of the Hydrangeas can be found in Hydrangea Park (in Aikawa)!

Black Woodpecker (熊啄木鳥)

The Kitaakita City Bird

English Name: Black Woodpecker
Japanese Name: 熊啄木鳥 (クマゲラ; kumagera)
Scientific Name: Dryocopus martius
Description: This jet-black bird is distinguished by its red crown. It thrives in forested areas. It mainly feeds on ants and other tree-boring grubs. The holes it carves in trees are utilized by many other species as nesting areas, making this bird a cornerstone of the local ecology.

City Crest (市章)

The Kitaakita City Crest

Description: This green-and-orange symbol on a white background is the crest of Kitaakita City. It's a stylized hiragana character「き」, which is the first character in Kitaakita. This crest is in the tradition of many other municipal crests across Akita Prefecture, in that it uses a stylized version of the first character in the municipality's name.

City Song

Sheet music for the City Song
Kitaakita City Song
作詞 岡部 剛機
補作 北秋田市民歌制定委員会
作曲 道谷 増夫
Words: Takeki Okabe
Alterations: Kitaakita City Song Enactment Committee
Music: Masuo Michitani
(English Translation: R. Sean Corrigan)
First Verse
Japanese Romaji English Translation







ああ 誇らしい



Sora wo aogeba
Moriyoshi no

Mine wa Kedakaku


Wakai chikara to

hito no wa de

Shiawase kizuki


Aah hokorashii


Kibou ni kagayaku

furusato yo
When you gaze up at the sky
the great peak of

Moriyoshi stands towering

over the surrounds

With young strength and

harmony between all

We march on the path

to build happiness

Aah, with pride we shout


You shine bright with hope

oh, my home
Second Verse Third Verse
Japanese Romaji English Translation Japanese Romaji English Translation







ああ 麗しい



Mizu wa kirameku
Yoneshiro to

Ani no nagare ga

tsumugu yume

Meguru kisetsu mo

azayaka ni

Yutaka na Megumi

shiawase yobu

Aah uruwashii


Inochi wo irodoru

furusato yo
The shimmering waters of
Yoneshiro and

Ani - their currents

weave our dreams

The passing of the seasons

so vibrant

And full of grace

bring us happiness

Aah, with joy we shout


You bring color to our lives

oh, my home







ああ 愛おしい



Rouman tadayou
Joumon no

Haruka na rekishi


Risou idaite

hazumu koe

Bunka no hana mo


Aah itooshii


Mirai he habataku

furusato yo
Feel it in the air - the romance
of the Jōmon

We are the humble heirs

to this immense history

We embrace our ideals

as our voices bound

The sweet fragrance from

the flowers of our culture

Aah, with love we shout


Spread your wings to the future

oh, my home


Board of Education

Kitaakita City Board of Education
15-1 Hanazono-cho
Kitaakita, Akita 〒018-3312

〒018-3312 秋田県北秋田市花園町15-1

Superintendent: Hitoshi Misawa
三澤 仁 教育長

☎ 0186-62-6617(学校教育課; School Education Division)
☎ 0186-62-6616(総務課; General Affairs Division)
Fax 0186-63-2678


High Schools

Junior High Schools

Elementary Schools

Other Schools

ALTs and Their Schools

  • Russell M. United States of America
Moriyoshi Junior High School (森吉中学校)
  • Domonique O. United States of America
Takanosu Junior High School (鷹巣中学校)
Takanosu Elementary School (鷹巣小学校)
  • Maeleen A. United States of America
Takanosu Minami Junior High School (鷹巣南中学校)
Takanosu Minami Elementary School (鷹巣南小学校)
Takanosu Chūō Elementary School (鷹巣中央小学校)
  • Rebecca C. United States of America
Aikawa Junior High School (合川中学校)
Aikawa Elementary School (合川小学校)
  • Max R. United States of America
Hokuyō High School (秋田県立北鷹高等学校)
Futatsui High School (in Noshiro) (秋田県立二ツ井高等学校)
  • Bart T. United States of America
Takanosu Junior High School (鷹巣中学校)
Takanosu Higashi Elementary School (鷹巣東小学校)
Tsuzureko Elementary School (綴子小学校)
  • Candice P. United States of America
Moriyoshi Junior High School (森吉中学校)
Yonaizawa Elementary School (米内沢小学校)
Maeda Elementary School (前田小学校)
  • Edgardo S. Puerto Rico/United States of America
Ani Junior High School (阿仁中学校)
Aniai Elementary School (阿仁合小学校)
Ōani Elementary School (大阿仁小学校)

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