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Kitaakita City
Kitaakita in Akita
Location in Akita
Physical characteristics
Area1,152.57 km²
Population35,519 (as of 2012-02-01)
TreeJapanese Beech (椈)
FlowerHydrangea (紫陽花)
BirdBlack Woodpecker (クマゲラ)
City emblem
City Hall
MayorEikou Tsuya (津谷永光)
Address19-1 Hanazono-chō,
Kitaakita, Akita 018-3392
(〒018-3392 秋田県
Telephone☎ 0186-62-1111

Kitaakita (北秋田市; -shi) is Akita Prefecture's second-largest city by area.

Kitaakita City

Kitaakita is located in the north-central part of Akita prefecture. Kitaakita's area is 1,152.57 km². As of September 1st, 2011 the population is estimated to be 35,903, giving the city a population density of only 31.2 people per km². In Akita prefecture, Kitaakita is second only to Semboku in lowest population density.

The city was formed in March of 2005 with the consolidation of the four former towns, Takanosu Town (鷹巣町; -machi), Aikawa Town (合川町; -machi), Moriyoshi Town (森吉町; -machi), and Ani Town (阿仁町; -machi). Today, the names of the four former towns are frequently used without the -machi (町) suffix to identify the regions of Kitaakita , but are no longer independent towns in the political sense. Despite the recent merge, each of Kitaakita's four towns maintains a local atmosphere as well as their own festivals and charms.

  • Takanosu (鷹巣) The focal town of the city with the local government offices, most businesses, and the connection train stations linking the Ou Line with the Nairiku Line.
  • Aikawa (合川) Smallest in area, yet most densely populated town of the city. Set in southwestern Kitaakita with a public park and loads of rice fields.
  • Moriyoshi (森吉) The town which bears the name of the local mountain peak. Is separated into two primary hamlets: Yonaizawa, near Aikawa, and Maeda, near Ani.
  • Ani (阿仁) The most mountainous and rugged town in the city. Also the largest in area, yet the least populous. Claims the southern half of Mt. Moriyoshi as well as waterfalls, hiking trails, and bears!


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  • Ani Frozen Tree Festival (阿仁の樹氷まつり). Mid Jan-mid March. People come from all over the prefecture (particularly from Akita City) to view the snow-blown trees on the peak of Mt. Moriyoshi. With the winds and the snow build-up throughout the winter, snow is cast and stuck onto the trees, making them into snow monsters. To view the trees, one has to take the gondola at Ani Ski Resort (the hike from the top of the gondola to the peak is optional, and hard work, but recommended on a clear day). A round-trip ticket is ¥1,500 for adults. However, the trees can easily be seen if you're at the resort just for skiing or snowboarding.
  • Odaiko Festival (神社例大祭). July 14-15.
  • Aikawa Hydrangea Festival (あじさい祭り). Late July. The hydrangea was the symbol of Aikawa Town before the 2005 merge, however the region is still known for the large blooming flowers. The exact date of the festival changes based on when the full bloom is expected, but it's usually held in late July.
  • Tanabata Fire Festival (たなばた火まつり): August 7. This festival is held in the sleepy Animaeda hamlet in Moriyoshi. For one evening, the hamlet comes alive and alight with fireworks and more.
  • Aikawa Matobi and Furusato Festival (合川まとび & ふるさとまつり). August 14, 7:30. In the wee town of Aikawa in Kita-Akita-shi. The festival is held near Aikawa Junior High School in a large parking lot in front of the Aikawa Agricultural Community Center 合川農村環境改善センター and the local hospital. It's near the river in Aikawa. The festival is a Shinto/Bhuddist fire cleansing ritual for the river and the surrounding rice fields. There's obon dancing, enka, taiko, drinking, yaki-soba, gakko galore, and all the other accouterments of the typical Japanese festival.
  • Foreigner House Festival (異人館フェスティバル). August 16. This oddly named festival is indeed, an odd festival. The festival isn't celebrating the house of the ALT. Rather, they celebrate the house of German engineers who lived in Aniai during the 19th century. The festival includes German flag decorations around Aniai, German lager beer, children sending lanterns along the Ani River, and fireworks. It brings in a lot of people to an otherwise sleepy hamlet.
  • Ani Fireworks and Lantern Festival (阿仁の花火と灯籠流し). Aug 16 (2008). Lanterns lit at 6pm, fireworks start at 7:30. At Ani river park (阿仁河川公園).
  • Kitaakita City Taiko Festival (北秋田市太鼓まつり): September 2. This festival is held right outside the Odaiko Hall in Takanosu. It's an afternoon-only event as things start to shut down about 15:30.

Things To Do

For shopping and sightseeing and such, see the individual town pages: Takanosu, Aikawa, Moriyoshi and Ani. Also, Akita Prefecture has also compiled a directory of restaurants in Kitaakita (Japanese).


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