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Appi Kōgen Ski Resort (安比高原スキー場) is a ski resort on Mt. Hachimantai in Iwate Prefecture. It is one of two internationally recognized ski areas in Tohoku (the other being Zao). It is much larger than any of the ski areas in Akita. It is the destination of the annual Appi Ski Trip.


Appi Kōgen boasts two high-speed gondolas, three high-speed quad lifts, and multiple pair lifts.


Blank course map of Appi

There are multiple runs across the two peaks at Appi.


The Appi main lodge has a food court with many dining options available. Elsewhere in the main lodge is the Little Rabbit café.

At the top of the Appi Gondola is a small, cafeteria-style restaurant.

At the bottom of the Sailer gondola is another food court.

At the base of the 3rd Central Pair Lift is Red House, a larger, cafeteria-style restaurant with a fair selection of menu items.

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